3 am

It's 3amMy eyes, wide open Tossing and turning Steady praying and hoping Only 3 hours left Till my alarm starts to blaire  Feeling like I'm moving But ain't going nowhere  My mind's moving fast I can't decrease the speed Feeling like a prisoner That needs to be freed Lord, please help me Won't you hear my cry Free me soon Lord I fear that I may die.


I sat next to you on purpose.
Got lost in your brown eyes
Slim in the waist
But every other place
Was PERFECT! No surprise
You were THE ONE
From that point to present
But you make me feel  Like I'm a mear PEASANT
No kiss HELLO
This is SO wrong
This just AIN'T RIGHT Why do I go on Why do I endeavor  Cause I'm true to MY vows I'm yours forever.

Those light brown eyes

Holding Back

Holding back sexIs that to scold? Just pushing me away For other arms to hold! Holding back conversation  Not helping at all Leaves my phone open For some else to call. Holding back emotions  What are you feeling? Are you ok? You hurt? How can I help with the healing? Holding back your Love Do you give it to another?  Got me feeling all alone Coming back to a HOUSE But needing a HOME!


Life is hard,
So many decisions to make! People surrounding me, Best believe some are fake! No trust at all Not even my Family! I will come FIRST No one else will be! I'll take the reins  Forward motion no breaks
The REAL can come with
Got no room for fakes
Clear me a path
In my way?  You're run down!
Cause I'll keep it moving Till I reach SAFE GROUND! And THERE; I will remain Till it's ME that I've found!

Welcome to me!

Inside you'll find love, Occasionally even hate. My THOUGHTS, in MY mind, No discussion, No debate! I will take you to places You never knew exists  But I MUST warn you NOW You feelings ARE AT RISK! Whatever you may read, Are all MY thoughts COMPLETELY! If you find your feelings hurt, Then simply just delete me!! By reading any further You're agreeing to my conditions And if you want to use these posts  You BEST GET MY PERMISSION!!